And those cities are so much more vibrant, except for New York City, which is an awesome

city. 19:03 Vanessa: Yeah, I'm sure a lot of students- Dan: Sorry, U.S. 19:05 Vanessa: ... want to visit the U.S. and they want to see these places. 19:08 Dan: But I'm also from America, so it's like not as- 19:12 Vanessa: It's always less interesting, yeah. 19:13 Dan: Yeah, it's less interesting to me. 19:15 But Seattle seems like a really cool town, and it's higher on my list than, say, Los 19:19 Angeles, which just kind of seems like a big, sprawling, stinky place. 19:23 Vanessa: It seems like a lot more- Dan: No offense, L.A. 19:26 Vanessa: It seems a lot more intimidating, at least. 19:28 Dan: Okay, that's a nice way to put it. 19:30 Vanessa: Like there's a lot going on there, but Seattle feels more comfortable. 19:34 Dan: Yeah, it seems pretty hip, too. 19:36 Vanessa: The Northwest. 19:38 Dan: Yeah, the Northwest also because there's big mountains there, and then there's really 19:43 lush and green forests. 19:44 Vanessa: Oh. 19:45 Okay, cool. 19:46 Dan: And I love taking hikes, and if you go at the right time of the year, because I've 19:49 heard it's very rainy in the Pacific Northwest, I'd like to go and take a nice hike up to 19:55 a big mountain- Vanessa: Yes. 19:57 Dan: ... and maybe hop over to Canada, go to Vancouver, Vancouver Island. 20:01 Vanessa: That'd be cool. 20:02 Dan: All of that area sounds really, really cool to me. 20:05 Vanessa: Yeah, I'd be up for that. 20:07 Dan: Yes. 20:08 Vanessa: Let's do it. 20:09 Dan: Let's do it. 20:10 Vanessa: Tomorrow. 20:11 Dan: Okay. 20:12 Vanessa: Maybe not tomorrow- Dan: Okay. 20:13 Vanessa: ... but I think that'd be really cool. 20:14 Dan: And third would be Colorado. 20:15 Vanessa: So revisit Colorado? 20:18 Dan: This is a revisit. 20:19 I used to live in Colorado. 20:20 I grew up there for five years of my life, and it was when I was a kid, and I used to 20:25 really consider it my home. 20:27 But now I haven't been back in probably 15 years, or so. 20:32 Vanessa: Oh, that's a long time. 20:33 Dan: It's been a really long time since I've been back, and I'd like to go and maybe travel 20:37 to where I was when I was a kid. 20:39 It's gotten so much bigger than it was when I was a kid, so I'm sure there's so many more 20:45 people there. 20:46 But also, there's really great nature, there's a lot of really big mountains in Colorado, 20:51 there's the Garden of the Gods, which has really interesting rock formations. 20:55 As you can tell, we're very nature driven, we want to go see natural places. 21:00 Vanessa: Yeah, yeah. 21:01 Well, a lot of my places have to do with nature too. 21:04 Dan: Yes, let's hear them. 21:05 Vanessa: I almost said the Grand Canyon, but- Dan: You knew I was going to say it. 21:09 Vanessa: ... I kind of figured you'd say, and I think it would be really cool to camp 21:12 in the Grand Canyon, or go for a long hike in the Grand Canyon because you can't just- 21:17 Dan: With two children? 21:18 Vanessa: Well, maybe when they're older, or maybe we'll just leave them at home. 21:22 Dan: They can take it. 21:23 Vanessa: Because when you are just... when you're looking down at the Grand Canyon, that's 21:26 incredible, but I imagine going down into the Grand Canyon, that would also be just 21:32 another part of that- Dan: Oh, yeah. 21:34 We'd have to- Vanessa: ... it would be so amazing. 21:35 Dan: ... hike down in the Grand Canyon. 21:36 Vanessa: Yeah, that'd be really cool. 21:37 Dan: I should have mentioned that for sure. 21:38 Vanessa: Maybe with a donkey. 21:40 Dan: Because we're big hikers, we like to hike everywhere. 21:43 Vanessa: Yeah.

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