And yeah, it's always very satisfying, it reminds me of fall and winter. It's a very nice, cozy meal.

Yeah. 27:55 Hot tip, don't leave it on your counter for three days and then try to eat it. 27:59 It should always go in the fridge after you eat it. 28:02 Dan: Who did that? 28:03 Vanessa: Dan did that in college- Dan: Oh. 28:05 Vanessa: ... and got sick. 28:06 Dan: I didn't leave it on the counter, my roommate left the chili out. 28:10 Vanessa: Oh, and you just ate it? 28:11 Dan: Yeah, he left the pot out. 28:12 It was already like, this is college life here, it was already probably a week old and 28:17 he left it on the counter all day, and he didn't tell me- 28:20 Vanessa: Not a good idea. 28:21 Dan: ... and then I went and ate it that night, and then I got really sick. 28:24 Vanessa: But you still like chili, so it didn't- Dan: But I still like chili. 28:26 Vanessa: ... taint your idea of chili. 28:28 Dan: It probably did for like a year. 28:30 Vanessa: Really? 28:31 Dan: Yeah. 28:32 Yeah. 28:33 Vanessa: I feel like we're especially thinking- Dan: TMI? 28:34 Vanessa: ... thinking about those types of foods because it's getting colder here, so 28:39 making lots of warm, hearty foods, as opposed to in July- 28:44 Dan: Yes. 28:45 Vanessa: ... we don't make chili because it's so hot. 28:46 Dan: Yeah. 28:47 Vanessa: You make other kinds of fresh things. 28:48 Dan: I have trouble making summer food, because I like hot food. 28:50 Vanessa: Ah, like soups and that kind of stuff. 28:52 Dan: Although, when we lived in South Korea, I think, didn't they have something where 28:55 they eat something super hot in the summer? 28:57 Vanessa: I think hot or spicy, is that- Dan: And it's like I'm just eating, and you're 29:02 sweating, and the water's pouring off your face. 29:03 And, "Yeah, this is healthy." 29:04 It's a very Korean thing. 29:05 They've got to be diligent. 29:07 Vanessa: Wow. 29:08 Well, what are some of your other favorite foods? 29:09 You said chili. 29:10 We're on the first one. 29:11 Dan: Number two would be tacos. 29:13 Vanessa: Oh. 29:14 Dan: I got a Mexican food thing, I think, although I don't consider chili a Mexican 29:18 food, but you said chili con carne, so- Vanessa: Maybe. 29:22 Yeah. 29:23 Dan: ... I don't know. 29:24 Maybe it's Mexican inspired. 29:25 Vanessa: Yeah. 29:26 What kind of tacos do you like to make, because there's so many different types- 29:28 Dan: Ground beef, again, just all the spices, and it's kind of one of those easy things 29:33 to make, and then you can pile all kinds of toppings, you can put salsa on it. 29:37 Yeah, it's just delicious. 29:38 Vanessa: I like when you make fish tacos. 29:40 Dan: Yeah, fish tacos are good too. 29:42 Vanessa: Sometimes when Dan makes fish tacos, or sometimes I make them too, we get some 29:46 kind of white fish like cod or tilapia, and bread it, and then bake it so it's baked, 29:51 and then you have some kind of cabbage slaw mixed up on top with some spices in it, and 29:59 you put that on the tortilla with the fish, with the kind of spicy cabbage, maybe slices 30:03 of avocado

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