But for the most part, I think I'm more like my dad because he has a very calm demeanor

he's very patient, and he doesn't get stressed about anything. 01:47 And actually, my dad gets so unstressed about everything, I can't even understand it. 01:53 I'm like, "How are you so calm right now?" 01:56 And everybody I know thinks that I'm the most stress free person they know. 02:01 Vanessa: But your dad is even more stress free. 02:03 Dan: Yeah, but we're similar, like growing up when my parents would be going somewhere, 02:09 and needing to get out of the house, me and my dad would be the last one out of the house 02:13 every single time. 02:15 Then we would be like, "What? 02:16 We'll make it. 02:17 We'll be okay. 02:18 No problem." 02:19 Vanessa: And your mom, and brother, and sister were saying, "Come on, hurry." 02:21 Dan: And my mom is like, "Ah, let's go." 02:24 My mom is much more high stress, anxious kind of personality. 02:28 Vanessa: That's kind of a typical family situation, I think. 02:30 Dan: Yeah, how about you? 02:32 Vanessa: I think I have both my parents in me as well. 02:35 I think I look a lot like my mom. 02:37 Dan: Yeah, she looks exactly like her mom, though, like to a T. 02:40 Vanessa: Sometimes when I see pictures of myself, and then I look at a picture of her 02:46 at the same age, I think, "Whoa. 02:49 We look really similar." 02:50 And she looks a lot like her mom, so I can kind of imagine what I'll look like when I'm 02:56 getting older. 02:57 Dan: Yeah. 02:58 I mean, you have darker hair, and darker features. 03:00 You got that from your dad. 03:01 Vanessa: Yeah, somewhat. 03:02 But I think a lot of my features are similar to my mom. 03:04 But I think I also got my facial expressions from my mom. 03:09 Dan: Yes. 03:10 Vanessa: A lot of comment that, "Wow, Vanessa, you have a lot of expressions." 03:14 Dan: Your mom is very expressive, just like you. 03:15 Vanessa: And I think it's true that I use a lot of expressions, but it's just natural 03:19 for me. 03:20 I do this in daily life as I'm talking about things. 03:23 And I think that I get that from my mom, sometimes I see some of her expressions and I realize, 03:28 "Oh, I do that too." 03:29 Dan: Yeah, I remember when we lived in South Korea, every single Korean person was commenting 03:35 on Vanessa's expressions. 03:36 They're like, "Your face, it's so exciting. 03:39 How are you making so many faces?" 03:43 Everybody was surprised.

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