Dan because we've got two. Vanessa: Well, two coming up soon.

So I have a question for you, when do you think childhood ends? 08:56 When does adulthood start? 08:58 It's going to be different for every culture, too because this is a pretty cultural specific 09:03 question. 09:04 Maybe in the U.S.- Dan: Yeah, maybe you have a- 09:05 Vanessa: ... it's different than your country. 09:06 Dan: ... maybe you have a rite of passage in your country. 09:09 Vanessa: Oh, can you explain what a rite of passage is? 09:10 Because that's kind of a nuanced thing. 09:12 Dan: Yeah, a rite of passage is something that every boy or every girl does to become 09:18 an adult. 09:19 Vanessa: Oh, like some ceremony, or activity. 09:21 Dan: Yeah, like a ceremony. 09:23 Yeah, I mean, we don't really have this in the U.S., some people say college is a rite 09:27 of passage, but not... 09:28 I mean, more and more, almost everybody goes to college now. 09:32 Vanessa: A lot of people do, but- Dan: Yeah, so it kind of is, but it's a really 09:35 bad one because usually people just go, and they have parties, and they live really irresponsibly. 09:40 Vanessa: It's not a way to become a responsible adult. 09:42 Dan: Yeah, and then you do more school. 09:44 Vanessa: Ah, yes. 09:45 Dan: It's not really becoming a man. 09:47 Vanessa: Changing your life completely. 09:49 Yeah. 09:50 So I'm curious, in your country is there something that signifies, "Now you are an adult.", this 09:55 kind of rite of passage ceremony, or festivity, or party that you have. 10:01 In the U.S. we don't really have that, but I think it's kind of a cool idea that you're 10:04 celebrating- Dan: I wish we did. 10:06 Vanessa: ... this big change, going from childhood to adulthood, and it is a gray area, at least 10:11 in the U.S. it's a really gray area, so it's nice to celebrate that as parents, that your 10:16 kids are adults, hopefully. 10:19 And that as a child, "Oh, great, now I'm an adult. 10:22 Society sees me as an adult." 10:24 So I think it's kind of a cool idea, but maybe it's something we can do with our future kids. 10:28 All right, let's go onto the next topic. 10:31 The next topic is jobs. 10:33 I want to know what was your worst job ever. 10:37 Dan: Worst job ever? 10:39 Vanessa: Yeah. 10:40 Dan: Well, I have two competing jobs. 10:42 Vanessa: Hopefully it's not your current job, making English lessons. 10:44 Dan: It's video editing and doing these videos. 10:47 Vanessa: Oh, no. 10:48 Dan: I can't stand working with my wife. 10:51 Just kidding. 10:52 It's the best. 10:54 Yeah. 10:55 So yeah, really my worst job, if I had to pick just one, it would be being a dishwasher. 11:00 Vanessa: Oh, okay. 11:01 Dan: Now notice, there's no differentiation between the machine, a dishwasher, and the 11:06 person who is a dishwasher, it's the same word. 11:08 Vanessa: So you were like the machine, you were washing dishes. 11:11 Dan: Yeah. 11:12 I mean, you did have a machine, so you'd have something on the side you'd slide the dishes 11:16 in and all that, but it's just, I was also like, I think I was 16 at the time, an adult 11:23 and I had no friends in the restaurant.

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