Except New York City Vanessa: Yeah, except New York's got a lot of cool stuff

 Dan: As you can tell, I'm a big fan of New York. 24:42 It's just- Vanessa: It's a cool place to visit. 24:44 Dan: ... it's a wild animal. 24:45 Vanessa: Yeah. 24:46 Dan: There's some quote about New York City, it's like, "You'd be crazy to live here, you'd 24:50 be crazy to leave." 24:51 Which is perfect. 24:52 Vanessa: Oh, well I heard another quote that said, "New York is twice as fun, but it's 24:58 three times as expensive." 25:01 So it's really fun, but it's even more expensive. 25:03 Dan: That's also true. 25:04 Vanessa: Especially if you live there. 25:05 Well, my third and final place is, can you guess? 25:09 Dan: I don't remember. 25:11 Vanessa: Hawaii. 25:12 Dan: Oh, I read your list before, but I don't remember. 25:14 Vanessa: Well, I feel like Hawaii, it's in the U.S., but it's not. 25:17 Dan: Yeah. 25:18 Vanessa: It's so far away, but it's still part of the U.S. and it would be incredible 25:22 to visit Hawaii. 25:23 Dan: It's kind of like cheating, it's like, "I'm in the U.S." 25:26 Vanessa: And it's so far away from the U.S. Dan: But it's like, "This isn't America, come 25:30 on." 25:31 Vanessa: Yeah, it would be really cool. 25:32 I'm curious, if you've ever been to Hawaii if you'd recommend it. 25:34 I know your parents are planning on going there next May. 25:37 Dan: Yeah, and get this, my mom was like, "And I booked these extra rooms just in case 25:42 somebody wanted to join." 25:43 She winked at us. 25:44 Vanessa: We will have a two month old baby when they go. 25:48 Maybe we'll go to Hawaii, I don't know. 25:50 It's a little soon, I think. 25:52 Dan: I'm saying, "Yes- Vanessa: We'll let you know. 25:54 Dan: ... let's go." 25:55 You'll find out. 25:56 Vanessa: I think it'd be really cool to go to Hawaii, just to see volcanoes, and hiking, 25:58 and moving around, and scuba diving, and it's so different. 26:01 Dan: That would be the problem. 26:04 Trying to do all we want to do. 26:05 But if my parents are there, they can watch the kids. 26:07 Vanessa: They can watch our kids, so we're going to crash their vacation and make them 26:12 watch our kids- Dan: Yes. 26:13 Yes. 26:14 Vanessa: ... while we go have fun? 26:15 Dan: Vacation crashers.

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