In an ideal world, I think a 16 year old should be ready.

Vanessa is Okay. 06:11 Okay. 06:12 I get it. 06:13 At 16 were you ready? 06:14 Dan: No, of course not. 06:15 Vanessa: Ideally. 06:16 Dan: Ideally, yeah. 06:17 I don't think our society prepares us to be ready at 16. 06:22 It prepares you to be ready at 18. 06:25 Vanessa: Or later. 06:26 Dan: Right, or later. 06:28 But you know, in an ideal world I think you could be ready at 16, but it's a kind of complicated 06:32 world now, so maybe 18 is an acceptable age. 06:36 Vanessa: I feel like, for me, I have less ideas about childhood ending and adulthood 06:41 starting that are physical. 06:42 I feel like it has more to do with making your own decisions. 06:46 There might be a lot of reasons why you have to live at home, or you have to be dependent 06:51 on someone else, but if you are making your own decisions you are not a child, you're 06:59 an adult. 07:00 And I'm sure as our children get older and become teenagers, that's going to be a little 07:04 bit harder for us to make that line for someone else, but I know for myself- 07:08 Dan: Well, this is- Vanessa: ... making more decisions. 07:11 Dan: ... assuming you are capable as a person to live on your own, of course. 07:15 Vanessa: Yeah. 07:16 Yeah, I think you can still be an adult just making your own decisions, but we still need 07:20 help from other people as adults, so there's a... it's a gray area. 07:23 Dan: Sure. 07:24 Yeah. 07:25 I would- Vanessa: Yeah, it's not so clear. 07:26 Dan: ... also add, I don't know, for myself personally, having children really makes you 07:31 an adult. 07:32 It doesn't have to be true for everyone, but I think it's easier for some people to just 07:37 kind of be really selfish, and do their own thing, and kind of live like a kid, especially 07:42 nowadays because we have so much entertainment, you could just watch TV every day. 07:48 A lot of guys I know play video games a lot, and I'm not knocking on video games but playing 07:55 video games every day is a good way to remain a child, at heart anyways. 07:59 Vanessa: Sure. 08:00 Dan: This is my opinion, it's a little judgemental, but- 08:01 Vanessa: Yeah, I think if you are a good person, and you have a child, then you feel forced 08:07 to be become an adult. 08:08 Dan: Yes. 08:09 Vanessa: There's still bad people who have kids, who remain children themselves- 08:12 Dan: That's true. 08:13 Vanessa: ... and then they're bad parents. 08:14 But I think if you're generally a good person, when you have kids, it's kind of a shock. 08:18 Dan: Yeah, well- Vanessa: Like, "Whoa, this child is so dependent 08:21 on me. 08:22 I need to be responsible. 08:23 I have to organize myself somehow." 08:25 You have to change. 08:26 Dan: ... I think being an adult, part of it is having a burden of responsibility of some 08:31 kind, whether it's a job, or your house payments, or whatever it is. 08:36 Some people add those burdens of responsibility anyways without children, but I don't know, 08:42 for me, it's just different. 08:44 Like, "This is the person I'm taking care of in my life." 08:48 People now- Vanessa: Yeah.

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