Looks good so we are going to go ahead and start

one quick i guess word of introduction to the workshop today this is 00:31 technically the 00:32 first of two parts 00:33 uh... next week we're going to talk about taking better lecture notes 00:37 it's really hard when the teacher is talking 00:40 full-speed 00:41 and that's pretty much how they all talk to know what to write and how 00:44 to write it and just gets very confusing 00:47 one of the reasons that this is part one is because 00:51 if you're not mentally in the room 00:53 listening carefully 00:54 you can't take good notes and so many people struggle with their concentration 00:58 with their uh... listening skills 01:01 so the idea is 01:02 i want to try to get that stronger today and then if you're able to be back next 01:06 week i'll teach you how to actually physically write notes in a way that 01:10 might be different than what you do now 01:11 and might be better might be more helpful okay so that's kind of the idea 01:17 here's what i want to say to begin with 01:19 whenever students see the title of this workshop improving your listening skills 01:23 i get some really interesting 01:27 responses from people 01:28 people look at me and they say 01:30 you're gonna teach us how to listen 01:32 and i said well actually yes 01:36 and people say well i already know how to do that been doing that all my life 01:40 and hearing and listening 01:43 are not the same thing at all 01:45 and most people as i said are really not good at it and we're gonna talk about 01:48 that to start with 01:49 but here's my little uh... quick introduction to this whole thing and 01:53 that is 01:53 um... i talk to students really often and i don't know if this is gonna sound familiar to 01:58 you but i talk to students and i go up to one and i say 02:02 do you ever have a hard time concentrating when somebody's talking to 02:04 you 02:06 and here's their answer...wh..what 02:11 yeah okay good you come to me with me to the workshop 02:14 uh... people's ability to concentrate is kinda scary and so what we're gonna do 02:18 is we're gonna start with problems 02:20 we don't want to think about those too much but 02:22 there are a lot of reasons why people have a hard time concentrating 02:26 we're gonna talk about three of them really fast and then we're going to 02:29 focus on solutions 02:30 it's always nice when there are twice as many solutions as problems too bad life 02:35 isn't quite like that but anyway that's sort of encouraging so um... out of all 02:39 the reasons you might think of why a person has trouble concentrating 02:43 some of those are going to be addressed over here but i wanna show you three of 02:47 them 02:47 and what i'd like to have you do while i'm explaining these 02:50 is to figure out something for yourself i'm not going to actually ask you i just 02:54 want you to think about it 02:57 which one of these three 02:59 are you guilty of the most often in other words it's your personal weakness 03:04 and one thing i know for sure this might surprise you 03:08 i know even though i don't know anybody in here really 03:10 i know that all of you suffer from all three of these 03:14 and how can i know that's it's 'cause you're a human being 03:16 you'll understand as i go through 'em ok so the first one

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