Lve never been to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, this area. 21:58

And I feel like one of the best road trips would be driving all the way up the East Coast 22:04 of the U.S., and going around Maine, and coming down through Vermont. 22:10 I think all of that geography is just really different than everywhere else I've visited 22:15 in the U.S. I've heard the coasts, like the Northeast coasts are really rocky, and lots 22:21 of just kind of rugged coastline, that I think would be really cool to see. 22:26 And the forests, I've heard the forests in Vermont are amazing, just a different type 22:36 of feel. 22:37 We live in the mountains here in North Carolina, which is also a great place to visit- 22:38 Dan: Yes. 22:39 Vanessa: ... but we already are here. 22:40 Dan: We live here. 22:41 Vanessa: But I feel like the mountains, and the forests, and the coast, and other places 22:45 are pretty various. 22:46 Dan: Yeah, it's also close to Canada. 22:48 Vanessa: Yeah, that'd be cool. 22:49 Dan: Got to hop over to Quebec- Vanessa: Yeah, maybe do that. 22:52 Dan: ... because that sounds like a really cool place. 22:54 Vanessa: Yeah. 22:55 Dan: Vanessa speaks French, so- Vanessa: That'd be cool. 22:56 Dan: ... she'd like to speak some French to some Quebecois. 22:59 Vanessa: That would be fun. 23:01 Well, one of my others was kind of similar to what you were saying with Colorado and 23:05 that area, is going to Yosemite National Park. 23:09 I feel like it's just a classic place to visit in the U.S. because there's so many national 23:14 parks on the West Coast, it's kind of hard to choose. 23:19 So I feel like- Dan: Yeah, well that one's a must, I think. 23:21 Vanessa: Yeah, it's kind of one of the top three. 23:23 Dan: Although I've heard it's gotten crazy popular. 23:26 Vanessa: Oh, yeah. 23:27 Dan: You have to be on lists to get in. 23:28 Vanessa: Whoa, really? 23:29 Dan: Maybe it's to just camp, I don't know. 23:31 Vanessa: Oh, yeah. 23:32 Dan: Your dad went through a lot of stuff, didn't he? 23:34 Vanessa: Yeah, when they camped, they had to... 23:36 I think the camping spots were opened, say like May 3rd, the camping spots were opened 23:43 and you had to go online to sign up, and the website opened... or the camping registration 23:48 opened at 6:00 AM, he booked at like 6:05 and there were two spots yet. 23:54 Everyone was cramming to camp in that spot. 23:57 Dan: Camping season. 23:58 Vanessa: So yeah, I guess it's really popular. 24:00 And that was for the whole year, that wasn't just for that day. 24:03 That was to book a spot to camp for that whole year. 24:06 Anyway, that's crazy. 24:07 So maybe we'll do that. 24:08 Maybe we need to book it five years in advance, but I think it'd be cool to visit national 24:12 parks in the west because most tourism, well there's a lot of city tourism in the U.S., 24:18 but I feel like a lot of tourism is natural tourism. 24:22 Dan: Yeah, the meat of our tourism is nature. 24:24 Vanessa: Yeah. 24:25 Yeah, because I feel like the U.S. is such a young country that we don't have Rome, we 24:31 don't have these old cities, and this kind of stuff you can visit in cities, it's more 24:34 nature, which is also old

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