Okay i'm gonna go ahead and start uh today's workshop is called memory tricks and

the reason that next week's workshop is called more memory tricks is because 00:36 i know a lot of tricks 00:37 and i can't get them all in one workshop so more of the same next week 00:42 if you find today's workshop helpful which i hope you do 00:46 and you're able to come back next week that would be great 'cause that way you get sort 00:50 of the full teaching on this 00:51 if you're not able to make it next week and this is the only one you come to hopefully 00:56 you'll still get something good 00:59 my first thing that i'm gonna do with you today 01:02 is to show you hopefully the power of that word 01:07 the word tricks 01:10 i gave a workshop last week called how to remember for tests so that was the first memory 01:15 workshop but for this one 01:17 what i want you to try to uh... understand and sort of value 01:20 is the fact that if you learn tricks or shortcut ways 01:25 to do things 01:27 it makes it so much easier to memorize lots of things for school 01:31 and it makes your memory look even better than it is now 01:35 and i'm hoping it's pretty good to very good but it makes it look even better and so most 01:40 of you have probably seen magic tricks performed before uh... either in person or on t_v_ 01:46 and if somebody is a good magician 01:49 and they do uh... trick and you watch carefully and try to figure out how they 01:53 move the elephant from there to there or cut someone in half and put them back together 01:58 if they're good 01:59 you can't figure out how they did it and your mouth 02:02 drops open wow 02:04 but if you find out how they do the trick 02:07 and you realize ah it's just a cute little trick and then you see 02:10 the magic trick again 02:12 it's not so special anymore because the magic is gone 02:16 well i want to show you two things to start with and i'm actually gonna do this 02:19 next week too this is like your mental warm up before i get to the 02:23 main teaching 02:24 uh... i don't know what your attitude is toward 02:28 math 02:29 some people love math 02:31 some people okay 02:33 and some people hate math with a passion 02:36 i ran into a former student today and i said how are your classes going this semester she 02:41 said fine except math 02:43 and that's how she says math 02:45 and so if that's you 02:47 you're gonna learn something here if you like math great a few of you might have seen this 02:51 before but again it's not to teach you math as much as it is to show you the power of 02:55 tricks ok so i'm just going take a few minutes with this and then we'll move into the main a section 03:00 of the 03:01 workshop okay 03:03 if i ask you to do this problem which i don't want you to do actually but if i asked

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