Sounds great, so I'm curious for you, what are some locations that you'd like

to visit in the U.S.? Or maybe somewhere that you've already been that you'd like to go 26:24 back to. 26:25 Let us know. 26:26 Let's go on to the next topic. 26:27 The next topic is food. 26:28 Dan: Yes. 26:30 Vanessa: I want to know, what are some of your favorite foods, specifically to cook 26:34 at home? 26:35 Dan: To cook at home? 26:36 Well- Vanessa: Mm-hmm (affirmative). 26:37 Not to eat, not that someone else makes, but that we cook at home. 26:39 Dan: Yes, usually I go for bulk items. 26:41 Vanessa: Okay. 26:42 Dan: Not bulk items, bulk meals. 26:44 Something that I can get for days, and days, and days. 26:46 Vanessa: Or you could put it in the freezer and have the next week. 26:48 Dan: This is a very, I think, a male way to think about it. 26:52 You've got to make a bulk and make it last. 26:54 Vanessa: Ah, utilitarian cooking. 26:56 Dan: Yes. 26:57 Although, you're kind of similar, I think. 26:58 Vanessa: I don't like making a new meal every single day. 27:02 Dan: Yeah. 27:03 Vanessa: If we have a soup that's in the freezer that we made the week before, that's great, 27:08 save some time. 27:10 Dan: Sure, yeah. 27:11 The first thing I like to make, I think we have the same one- 27:13 Vanessa: Oh, yeah? 27:14 Dan: ... is chili. 27:15 Vanessa: Oh, yeah. 27:16 Dan: Yeah, we both like to make chili. 27:17 Vanessa: Yeah, some people call this chili con carne in other countries, but in the U.S. 27:21 we just say, "Chili." 27:22 Dan: Mm-hmm (affirmative). 27:23 Usually I make the chili, so I mean, it's so easy to make, you just ground up some beef, 27:29 then you chop a bunch of vegetables, add a ton of spices, throw it in a pot and make 27:34 it boil, and it's done. 27:35 Vanessa: Yeah. 27:36 Yeah, it's great. 27:37 And it gets even better as it kind of melds those flavors together over a couple days. 27:42 Dan: Yeah. 27:43 And you throw in some cheese, and sour cream, and some kind of grain, some rice or something.

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