The one that condemns you to Alzheimer's disease

Well, they then redid the study, and they focused only on those people, 05:35 and some of these people ate relatively little fat, 05:38 some people ate more, 05:39 and-- 05:41 ...Exactly the same. 05:43 In other words, if you are avoiding the bad fats, 05:45 even if you have the gene, 05:49 your risk of developing memory problems was cut by 80%. 05:54 And this is my most important point: 05:56 genes are not destiny. 06:00 Let's take another look in those plaques. 06:02 We know there's beta amyloid protein, but there's also iron and copper. 06:07 Metals in my brain? 06:09 That's right, there are metals in foods, and they get into the brain. 06:14 Now think about this: I have a cast-iron pan, 06:17 and we had a backyard barbecue, and a week later, I remember, 06:21 "Oh... 06:22 I left my frying pan on the picnic table, and it rained last week." 06:26 What happened to my pan? 06:28 It rusted, and that rust is oxidation. 06:31 Or you take a shiny new penny, and does it stay shiny forever? 06:34 No, it oxidizes too. 06:37 Well, iron and copper oxidize in your body, 06:43 and as they do that, 06:44 they cause the production of what are called free radicals. 06:47 You've heard of free radicals: 06:49 free radicals are molecules 06:51 that are swimming around in your bloodstream, 06:53 and they get into the brain, and they act like sparks 06:56 that seam through the connections between one cell and the next. 07:00 So, how is this happening? 07:02 Where am I getting all this iron? Where am I getting all this copper? 07:05 How can that be? 07:06 How many people have a cast iron pan? 07:08 Let me see hands. 07:09 If that's your once a month pan, I'm going to say, "Who cares?" 07:14 But if it's every single day, you're getting the iron into your food, 07:17 and it's more iron than your body needs. 07:20 Or copper pipes. Who has copper pipes? 07:23 That water sits in the copper pipes all night long, 07:27 and in the morning it goes into the coffee maker, 07:30 and you're drinking that copper, 07:31 you get more than you need, 07:33 and it starts producing these free radicals that go to the brain. 07:36 If you're a meat eater, of especially liver, 07:39 there's iron and copper in those foods too. 07:41 And we used to think, "Isn't that great?" 07:44 until we realized iron is a double-edged sword. 07:48 You need a little bit, but if you have too much, 07:52 it becomes toxic. 07:54 Vitamins. 07:55 Vitamin manufacturers put in vitamin A, and the B vitamins, 07:58 and vitamin C, and vitamin D. 08:00 And then they throw in iron and copper, thinking, "Well, you need these," 08:04 not recognizing you're already getting enough in foods, 08:07 and if they add it to your supplement, you are getting too much

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