Vanessa: Hi, I'm Vanessa from 00:03 Dan: And I'm Dan.

 Vanessa: My husband, who is also going to be giving another perspective in today's conversation. 00:09 Today we're bringing you an amazing, long, English conversation, so prepare your ears, 00:16 prepare your mind. 00:17 We're going to be talking about 12 different topics, and hopefully providing some new expressions 00:23 and new ways to think about life. 00:25 I don't know about that, but at least some English help for you. 00:28 Dan: Yeah, it's going to get personal today, so get ready. 00:30 Vanessa: Yes. 00:31 All right, are you ready to get started? 00:32 Dan: I'm ready. 00:33 Vanessa: Let's go. 00:40 Our first topic is family, and my question is, who do you think that you're the most 00:45 like? 00:46 Dan: Who am I the most like, in appearance? 00:48 Vanessa: Yes. 00:50 Dan: Both appearance and character? 00:52 Vanessa: Yeah, both. 00:53 Dan: Okay, so appearance I look mostly like my mom, I think. 00:58 Vanessa: Okay. 00:59 Dan: I have more of her skin tone, I have her eyes. 01:02 Vanessa: Yeah. 01:03 Dan: And on her side of the family, most of the people are pretty skinny, and I'm a rather 01:07 skinny guy. 01:09 My dad's side is German, and they tend to be a little bit bigger. 01:13 So yeah, I definitely got my mom's side. 01:15 But character wise, I think I'm a little more like my dad. 01:19 Would you agree? 01:20 Vanessa: Yeah, I'd say you have shades of your dad. 01:23 Dan: You know me so well, so you can answer this, too. 01:25 Vanessa: Yeah. 01:26 Yeah, I think you have shades of your dad. 01:28 Yeah. 01:29 Dan: Shades, yeah. 01:30 I think I'm more silly than my dad, that's not very hard because my dad is pretty serious. 01:34 Vanessa: Ah, he's got a silly side though. 01:37 Dan: He does, yeah.

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