Vanessa: I don't know. Dan: I guess in Korea they don't make as many faces.

Vanessa: I don't know, maybe it's just not. 03:49 Maybe it's just an unusual trait. 03:50 I'm grateful for that, especially as a teacher, I can hopefully help to explain some different 03:56 concepts with my face as well. 03:58 But I feel like I also have parts of my dad. 04:01 My dad is a pretty rational guy. 04:04 Dan: You're rational like your dad. 04:06 Vanessa: Yeah, but I think I also have his sense of humor, sometimes a little strange 04:12 sense of humor, but we laugh at the same things, we enjoy playing games, and being competitive, 04:18 so I think that that side of me, maybe some of the character side of me, is similar to 04:24 him. 04:25 But I feel like I also have parts of my grandma. 04:27 My grandma is a go, go, go, go person. 04:30 Dan: Oh, that's true. 04:31 Yeah. 04:32 Vanessa: She never stops, and I think my biggest flaw is that I have difficulty slowing down 04:39 and relaxing, I just keep going and I think that- 04:42 Dan: That's why she's with me. 04:43 Vanessa: ... I need help relaxing. 04:45 Dan: I help her relax. 04:46 Vanessa: Yeah, so I think that my grandma's like this too, that she's always going, and 04:51 always doing things, and it's healthy to slow down every now and then. 04:55 And so, I need to do that, she probably needs to do that too sometimes. 04:59 But I don't know if I learned that from her, but maybe that's just part of my- 05:02 Dan: I think it's your personality. 05:04 Vanessa: ... DNA, my character. 05:05 Dan: Yeah, I can remember even when I first met Vanessa, she was more go, go, go than 05:09 she is now. 05:10 Vanessa: Oh, you think so? 05:11 Dan: Yeah. 05:12 More like so this thing, then the next, and the enthusiasm was always, she was like bouncing 05:16 everywhere. 05:17 Vanessa: I always have a lot of enthusiasm, that's true. 05:18 Dan: Yes, it was off the charts. 05:20 Vanessa: Yeah, so I want to know for you, who are you most like in your family? 05:24 Is it maybe your physical traits or for your character? 05:27 All right, let's go on to our second question. 05:30 The next topic is childhood. 05:31 I want to know when do you think childhood ends, and when do you become an adult? 05:37 Dan: When does childhood end? 05:38 Vanessa: This is a deep question. 05:39 Dan: Well, I don't think it can be a specific age, I think it's different for everyone. 05:44 I think it's at any point you can leave this house of your parents and live on your own, 05:50 take care of yourself, and you're not dependent on somebody else. 05:54 Like if you're living with your friends and bumming off them, you're probably not an adult 05:59 yet. 06:00 So if I had to pick an age, I'd probably say 16. 06:03 Vanessa: Oh. 06:04 Dan: Yeah, I'm saying kind of young. 06:06 Vanessa: Okay.

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