Vanessa: Oh, can you explain about that job

Dan: Yeah, so I don't know if you've ever seen this in your country, but have you ever 15:57 been to a place where somebody takes your picture, and then later they try to sell you 16:02 that picture? 16:03 I was that guy. 16:05 So we took the same pictures, it was going onto a boat on one of the rivers in Pittsburgh. 16:11 Vanessa: So it was kind of like a cruise boat, but a river cruise. 16:14 Dan: Yeah, kind of. 16:15 It was very kitschy though, like not high class at all. 16:19 So people, before they got on the boat, we forced them to stop and go through the line, 16:25 and we'd take their picture. 16:27 And it was required, but people were like, "I don't want to get my picture taken." 16:31 Vanessa: And everyone had their own cameras and phones. 16:32 Dan: And this is... 16:33 Yeah. 16:34 Mind you, this is in like 2010, where people already have phones on their cameras and stuff. 16:39 I mean, that's at least getting more popular. 16:40 Vanessa: Yeah, they didn't need your picture. 16:42 Dan: No. 16:43 So I had to take everybody's picture, and then when they got off the boat, I stood at 16:48 the side and said, "Hey, come over here, buy this picture." 16:51 And they were like $20 for one picture. 16:54 Vanessa: Crazy. 16:55 Dan: A terrible rip-off, even I knew it was a terrible rip-off, just not a worthwhile 17:00 business, at least in 2010 when I was doing that job. 17:04 Vanessa: Yeah, maybe 10 years before that it would have been cool. 17:06 Dan: Yeah, it was a viable business like 30 years ago. 17:10 Vanessa: But not now. 17:11 Dan: Yeah, but not any more. 17:13 That was really bad, and one time somebody stole one of my pictures and I actually got 17:17 fired from that job. 17:18 Vanessa: Because they stole a picture. 17:19 Dan: Because they stole a picture and I couldn't... 17:21 I didn't catch them on time, and I was like, "Good riddance." 17:24 Vanessa: Yeah, "Goodbye to this job. 17:26 Goodbye forever." 17:27 Dan: Yeah. 17:28 The only reason this was better than the other job, than dish washing, is because I worked 17:31 with some people who were funny and we got along pretty well. 17:35 Vanessa: And you were outside, you were by the river. 17:37 Dan: It was okay. 17:38 Vanessa: Except you did have to drive an hour to get there, that's crazy. 17:41 Dan: I did drive an hour to work. 17:42 Vanessa: You should never drive an hour to get to a part-time job. 17:45 Dan: But that was my fault, I wanted to work in Pittsburgh, and I still lived... did I 17:48 live with my parents? 17:50 Vanessa: Yeah, I think so. 17:51 Dan: I think I did. 17:52 I wasn't an adult yet. 17:53 Vanessa: Oh. 17:54 Oh. 17:55 All right. 17:56 Well, I'm curious for you, what is the worst job that you've ever had? 17:59 Let us know. 18:00 And let's go to the next topic. 18:02 The next topic is travel. 18:05 I want to know what are three locations that you would like to visit or revisit in the 18:10 U.S.? Dan: In the U.S.? 18:11 Vanessa: Yes. 18:12 Dan: Why just the U.S.? Vanessa: Well, the world's a big place, so 18:15 I had to narrow down the question somehow. 18:17 Dan: Okay. 18:18 All right. 18:19 The first place I'd say is the Grand Canyon. 18:21 Vanessa: Okay. 18:22 Dan: Because of course you have to see the Grand Canyon, right? 18:25 I've never been there. 18:27 I used to live in Colorado, but my family never made a trip to the Grand Canyon, and 18:31 it just would be an amazing sight, I'm sure of it. 18:34 Vanessa: Yeah. 18:35 Yeah. 18:36 Dan: Second would be the Pacific Northwest, just in general. 18:40 Vanessa: Okay. 18:41 Dan: Because I've heard it- Vanessa: Not like Portland, Seattle, and specific? 18:43 Just- Dan: I think I would like to go to Seattle 18:46 because it's a big city and the city sounds cool. 18:51 Not many cities in the U.S. are that interesting to me because I've traveled in other places 18:55 in Europe and in Asia.

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