Vanessa Yeah, some mayo, maybe some- Dan: Spicy mayo.

Vanessa: ... pico de gallo, some salsa on top, that's also great. 30:11 We make that a lot in the summer, because that is kind of a fresh type of thing. 30:15 Dan: Yeah, well speaking of fish- Vanessa: Yes? 30:17 Dan: ... my third would be salmon. 30:18 Vanessa: Oh, how do you like to make salmon? 30:20 Dan: Well, I think you can make it in a lot of different ways, but just throw it in the 30:23 oven with some... like lately we've been adding lemon slices and dill, and just keeping it 30:29 basic. 30:30 Vanessa: Sometimes we put- Dan: Oh, and butter. 30:31 Vanessa: Oh, butter. 30:32 Of course, butter. 30:33 Dan: That's important. 30:34 Vanessa: Sometimes we do it in the opposite way with soy sauce, and sesame oil, kind of 30:37 more- Dan: You do it that way. 30:38 Vanessa: ... Asian style. 30:39 Dan: Yeah. 30:40 Vanessa: And that's also great with rice, or some kind of veggie. 30:42 Dan: I do it more European style. 30:44 Vanessa: Yeah, well I think you can't go wrong with salmon. 30:46 Dan: Yeah, but it's just a very healthy meal that tastes very filling, and fulfilling. 30:50 Vanessa: Yeah, I think your answers have been much more varied than mine. 30:54 Dan: Oh, yeah? 30:55 Vanessa: Because I was going to say soup, soup, and soup. 30:57 Dan: Oh. 30:58 Vanessa: I think that, especially now because it's the begging of the winter, those are 31:03 the types of things that we like to eat. 31:04 But recently, I've been making a lot of butternut squash soup, and it's a type of squash, and 31:11 you just peel it, and then you chop it up, and you steam it with some cumin, and paprika, 31:17 and coconut milk, and red peppers- Dan: It's a nice appetizer. 31:22 Vanessa: ... and you can also maybe dip some bread in it's mixed together, because you 31:27 have to blend it. 31:28 It's really great. 31:29 It feels kind of cleansing, especially if you've eaten- 31:32 Dan: It's not filling enough to me. 31:33 Vanessa: It's nice to have with something else sometimes. 31:35 Dan: I need some meat in my life. 31:37 Vanessa: Typical answer, right? 31:40 I think we also made a really great, it's called Italian vegetable soup, but I don't 31:44 know if it's actually Italian, I don't know why it's considered Italian. 31:48 Dan: It's probably Italian American. 31:50 Vanessa: Yeah. 31:51 Dan: Everything American's say is Italian, I bet you every Italian out there is like, 31:55 "That is not Italian." 31:56 Vanessa: Yeah, that- Dan: "What is this?" 32:00 Vanessa: That is not- Dan: Is that Italian? 32:02 Vanessa: ... an Italian accent, but that's okay. 32:03 Dan: Zut alors. 32:04 Vanessa: That is- Dan: Oh, that's French. 32:05 Vanessa: Yeah, certainly not Italian. 32:07 Though when we make the Italian vegetable soup, it's basically every vegetable you can 32:12 imagine mixed in a pot, even with some tomatoes, and cabbage, and everything, peppers, and 32:20 everything mixed together, and some ground beef. 32:22 So it kind of has a hearty, beefy flavor, but it also has a lot of vegetables so it 32:28 feels healthy

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