Were all older and they were all really tough.

I don't know, in America, when you... the kitchens have a reputation for having really 11:39 kind of tough kitchen cooks, and they all... they swear a lot, and they make foul jokes- 11:44 Vanessa: They've had a lot of life experiences. 11:45 Dan: ... and I was just like a little Christian 16 year old kid, washing dishes in the corner, 11:51 trying to look like relatively normal. 11:55 But I didn't talk to anybody- Vanessa: And you were homeschooled. 11:58 Yeah, no experiences. 11:59 Dan: Yeah, well at that time I was in high school. 12:00 Vanessa: Oh, yeah, yeah. 12:01 Dan: But it was a small, private school. 12:04 Anyway- Vanessa: You were very different from the 12:06 other people. 12:07 Dan: ... not only was that really awkward, it was also bad because washing dishes just 12:11 kind of stinks. 12:12 You just get all the dishes, and some of the guys used to make fun that I wasn't going 12:17 fast enough. 12:18 One guy said, "Dan, you have two speeds, slow and stop." 12:22 Vanessa: You're like a turtle? 12:25 Dan: Yeah, I'm like a turtle. 12:26 Vanessa: Well, sometimes I still say that. 12:28 Dan: I wasn't fast enough, and another time I reached into the mucky, dirty water and 12:32 I cut my finger on a broken glass and I was bleeding in the water. 12:36 Vanessa: Oh. 12:37 Things you don't want to know when you visit a restaurant. 12:39 Dan: And I was paid under the table. 12:41 Vanessa: Oh, really? 12:42 Dan: Mm-hmm (affirmative). 12:43 Vanessa: Why'd they have to pay you under the table? 12:44 Dan: I don't know, because it's an Italian restaurant- 12:47 Vanessa: Because you were too young? 12:48 Dan: ... in rural Pennsylvania. 12:49 Vanessa: They didn't want to pay taxes on their employees or something? 12:50 Dan: Yeah. 12:51 Vanessa: Oh. 12:52 Dan: Plus who wants to pay taxes on a dishwasher? 12:53 Vanessa: I wonder if it was because you were 16, like was there an age limit? 12:57 Dan: I might have even been 15 at the time. 12:59 Vanessa: Okay, maybe you were under the legal age that they could hire someone- 13:01 Dan: Could be. 13:02 Vanessa: ... so they just paid you under the table. 13:04 Dan: Yeah, so that was pretty bad. 13:05 Vanessa: That sounds pretty bad. 13:06 Dan: Yeah, it was an awkward job. 13:07 Vanessa: Especially as a first job, it just seems uncomfortable. 13:10 Dan: That was my second job. 13:12 Yeah. 13:13 Vanessa: Yeah. 13:14 Well- Dan: How about you? 13:15 Vanessa: ... I feel like- Dan: Could it beat that? 13:17 Vanessa: Well, I feel like my worst job wasn't bad because of the social situation like yours, 13:24 it was bad because it was so boring. 13:28 I worked for a summer at this office, I was like a temporary employee just for the summer, 13:35 working kind of like a call center job. 13:38 But every day they gave us these scripts and we had to call companies who maybe this company 13:45 bought a printer within the last couple months. 13:48 Dan: I'm bored just listening about it. 13:49 Vanessa: Yeah, and I called the company and said company and said, "Oh, I saw that you 13:53 recently bought the HP Inkjet printer, and we have a upcoming training session on this 13:58 day. 13:59 Would you like to attend the training session about this printer?" 14:01 Dan: She does have a really good call voice, though. 14:03 Vanessa: And I called so many companies again and again, talking with secretaries, talking 14:08 with other people, just saying, "Do you want to go to this seminar about..." some electronic 14:13 device that they had recently bought. 14:15 Dan: If you called me, I'd be like, "Yeah, I do. 14:18 Can I buy more?" 14:19 Vanessa: Well, people were generally nice to me, it was just... it wasn't a subject 14:23 that I was interested in, it wasn't something I was trained to do, so I didn't feel like 14:28 it was my specialty, it was just a temporary job to make money. 14:31 Dan: And you were sitting in an office all day, right? 14:33 Vanessa: Yeah, it was my first office job. 14:35 Dan: Vanessa doesn't like to sit very long. 14:36 Vanessa: No, I have to go, go, go, like we talked about. 14:39 So sitting in that office desk, it was just not my thing. 14:43 But the office, on the other hand, did really try to make it interesting for the employees, 14:48 because they knew most of the people I worked with were in a similar position as me, where 14:53 it wasn't their life-long dream to work in that job. 14:57 So about once a week, we had these game show competitions- 15:02 Dan: That sounds fun. 15:03 Vanessa: ... where at lunch, during the lunch break, everyone would go to the lunchroom, 15:07 if you wanted to of course, and they had these competitions kind of like Wheel of Fortune, 15:11 or Jeopardy, and the company just had them for the employees. 15:16 Sometimes we had dress up days where we dressed up like cowboys, or dressed up like... they 15:21 were trying to make it interesting. 15:22 Dan: Come on, this is better than being a dishwasher. 15:25 Vanessa: It's probably better than being a dishwasher, but I just felt like they were 15:28 trying so hard to keep employees- Dan: To make it interesting. 15:31 Vanessa: ... to make it interesting- Dan: All right. 15:32 Vanessa: ... because they knew this is not an interesting job. 15:36 Dan: Yeah, can I say my second worst job? 15:38 Vanessa: Oh, yeah. 15:39 Sure. 15:40 Dan: Can you guess what it is? 15:42 Vanessa: I know you worked at a lot of coffee shops, but those weren't that bad. 15:45 Dan: Working at a coffee shop is good.

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