What I'm saying is aside from the fact that the saturated fat and the trans fats

will increase our risk, these metals will, too, 08:22 and they are causing sparks to form in the brain, 08:25 free radicals to form that seam through the connections. 08:28 And if that's the case, then I need a fire extinguisher. 08:31 And we have one, and it's called vitamin E. 08:34 Vitamin E is in spinach, and it's in mangoes, 08:38 and it's especially in nuts and seeds. 08:40 And in Chicago, 08:42 some people eat a little bit of it, and some people eat a lot of it, 08:45 and the beauty of this is vitamin E is an antioxidant: 08:49 it knocks out free radicals. 08:51 So, if what I'm saying is true, 08:53 then the people in Chicago who ate only a little bit of vitamin E 08:58 would be at much higher risk than people who ate a lot, 09:01 and that's exactly what the research showed. 09:06 People getting eight milligrams a day of vitamin E 09:08 cut their risk of Alzheimer's by about half 09:11 compared to people getting less than that. 09:14 Hmm, OK, how do I get that? 09:17 It's very, very easy: run to the store and just buy a bottle of vitamin E pills. 09:21 No, I don't think so, and here's why not. 09:24 Nature has eight forms of vitamin E. 09:27 It's built into nuts and into seeds, 09:31 but if I put it into my supplement pill, 09:34 I can legally call it vitamin E if it has only one form. 09:38 And if you're eating too much of one form of vitamin E, 09:41 it reduces your absorption of all the others. 09:45 So, you want to get it from food; 09:47 that's the form that nature has designed for us, 09:49 and that's the form that we've evolved with. 09:51 We can go a step further. 09:54 Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you. 09:56 How much should I have? 09:57 If I put some nuts or seeds into the palm of my hand, 10:01 by the time it hits your fingers, that's just one ounce, 10:04 and that's about five milligrams of vitamin E, right there. 10:06 The trick is: don't eat it; 10:09 because if you do, you know what happens. 10:11 If you have those diced salty almonds, and you've eaten them: 10:14 you fill your hand again, and then you eat it again. 10:17 There's something about salty cashews and almonds, is it just me? 10:20 There's something about them, they're a little bit addicting in some way. 10:24 So, don't do that, that's going to be way more than you need. 10:26 The answer is pour them into your hand, 10:29 and then crumble them up, and put them on your salad, 10:33 or put them on your oatmeal, or on your pancakes, or something.

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