You to do this on paper this is thirty-five times what

thirty-five 03:14 now even if math is your weakest subject if you wrote down that problem and you did the 03:19 problem i think everyone here could come up with the right answer you know it's not that 03:23 difficult 03:24 but if i told you 03:25 that you could actually 03:27 do this kind of problem 03:29 in two or three seconds 03:31 in your head 03:32 most people even if they're not great at math would think 03:35 uh... boy 03:37 you don't know my mind i can't do something like that but if you know the trick it's easy ok 03:41 so here's how it works 03:43 when you have a two-digit number that ends in five and you want to square it or multiply it by itself 03:48 all you have to do is one simple thing and

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